Sir, my doubt is not clear.
pl clarify pointwise…ESPECIALLY point no. 3
1.lets come to motional emf concept first which states that when a rod moving with velocity v in a uniform B perpendicular to it then rod produces motional emf =Blv.(Agreed/Not Agreed)
2. Now some R with connecting wires is connected across rod & rod moves same like point no 1 above, it should produce emf =Blv as per motional emf concept.(Agreed/Not Agreed)
3. But Faraday law states that emf is produced only when there is change in B/A/angle. In point no 2 above there is no change in B/A/angle, then as per Faraday law there should not be any emf but as per motional emf concept & point no. 1/2 above the emf equivalent to a battery=Blv is produced. So both contradicting, please clarify.