Q1- A large block of ice 5m thick has a vertical hole drilled through it and is floating in the middle of a lake. What is the minimum length of rope required to scoop up a bucket full of water through the hole. density of ice is 900kg/m3?

Q2- In capillary tube how the force in upward direction is greater then downward direction{surface tension by the liquid}. if liquid apply the force F then walls of the tube also apply equal foce F. Then how we can say that Force in upward direction is greater and liquid rise up?

Q3 A wodden plank of length 1m and uniform cross- section is hinged at once end to the bottom of a tank. the tank is filled with water up to height of 0.5m.the specific gravity of plank is 0.5. fing the angle0 that the plank makes with the vertical in the equilibrium position?